Messages & Podcasts

audioarchiveYou can either listen or download our audio messages, as well as subscribe to our LCC podcast by CLICKING HERE.


INSTRUCTIONS: To save the message to your computer, right click on the title of the sermon and select the “Save Target As” option. Then specify where you would like to download the file and click “save.” This will download the file and you can then open it in iTunes and save it on your iPod or listening device.

If you would like to play the file online, simply click on the title of the sermon and allow some time for the file to open in your media player. It will open eventually.


In order to subscribe to the LCC podcast, you must also have iTunes from Apple installed. If you do not have iTunes, go to to download it. Once it is installed, click on the link above on this page. Finally, click on the “subscribe to this feed” link and you will be subscribed to LCC’s Sunday Sermons. These messages will then automatically be updated in your iTunes library.